EDUCATION BEGINS AT HOME, A personal lesson shared.

Real life/authentic learning:

We took the natural childhood delight of finding pennies and other coins on the ground and turned it into our son’s mini savings account. He has been collecting (and saving) every coin he has found since he was itty bitty and has watched the amount grow and change overtime.

We taught him the name and value of each coin, grouping, and converting to larger denominations. He really got a kick out of realizing he could cash in 25 pennies for a quarter and then 4 quarters for a dollar and so on. The lesson continues to this day. He saves some and makes informed choices when he decides to spend some.

Our son is now 7. He adds money earned through allowance and money from various holiday gifts to his savings. He has learned to decipher between impulse buying and buying what he really wants and the concept of saving for a purchase. If it’s a random purchase he contributes half of the cost and we pay the rest (LEGOS are expensive). Through his own understanding and choosing, he has saved an outstanding amount of money in his own personal piggy bank and he has toys, games, and whatnot that are valuable and meaningful to him.

The point of this post:
Real life lessons start at home and do not stop once a child enters formal schooling. Parents are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life and the lessons you teach your child at home will last a lifetime. Remember that and enjoy every moment .

Parents are relevant, indispensable, and must have the loudest voice in the education of their child. #Parentalrightsineducationmattermost

Just thought I’d share 🙂

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10 out of 10 Government Officials agree: Public education is the best way to control the public- Transforming America Through Public Education and Mental Health

The criminal, the mentally ill, the morally corrupt, and the spiritually empty element of society and civilization is controlling the narrative we refer to as reality and running the asylum we now accept as daily life.

Overtime, the democrat party and the vast majority within the republican party have been consumed by and redesigned with a near fanatical and ever worshipping liberal, progressive, socialistic and humanistic base. The officials of both political parties are motivated by greed and power in their servitude to the same state.

The liberal progressives who kneel at the alter of socialism and humanism ARE now (and have been for the last several decades) the majority of university and college professors across the nation. The same professors who are teaching, training, conditioning, indoctrinating, manipulating, and corrupting ALL of our nation’s children (our nation’s future parents, teachers, school administrators, police officers, judges, government officials, etc.) as they develop into young adults and form adult viewpoints and understandings of life and of the world around them. The cycle repeats until the last remnant of free thought and individualism is extinguished.

Transformational Education Reform and how it transpired:

Simply put, outcome based education and learning by design (backward design) is a process of determining what a student is to accomplish, learn or master (the stated objective) prior to instruction and then teaching to meet that objective. All instruction is geared towards obtaining the objective, the desired end result. All information taught to students as “education” is carefully analyzed, constructed, and applied to reach that desired end result. What is considered to be important or worthy of learning has been previously determined and clarified for the student (and for the teacher).

Think of it as- “The objective/the desired outcome is what you will think, understand and know at the end of instruction AND I will provide the rationale or basis for whatever knowledge or information I am conveying to you and the reasons for why you will agree it is important. All of the data collected from widespread mandatory testing and evaluation will prove whether or not you understand the information the way I want you to understand it. If the data proves you have fulfilled the objective I set for you, I will make note that you met my standards and I will allow you to move on to my next item of indoctrination.”

What the child will learn, the child will understand, the child will know….what the child will believe is the ultimate objective and the teacher or professor teaches only in ways that lead to the specific desired outcome (the end result). This manner of education controls the narrative and forms the basis of every argument, theory, and the information provided or conveyed to the learner.

The Result:
How do you create a nation of immoral, perverse, poorly educated people unable to use reason or predict the consequences of their choices and actions? You use education as the tool to control all thought and inquiry from Pre-K through adulthood and manipulate the process each step of the way through benchmarks and intervention to enforce the predetermined/predesigned
outcome. You gradually increase the hours of the school day and the number of days children are in school being taught what you want then to think and believe. You make education compulsory, yet claim it as a profound new right everyone is entitled to and you call it universal.

Ask yourself why education now contains standards for attitudes, values, and beliefs OR why mental “health” has become the focus for all issues affecting our country AND why mental “health” programs, services and interventions are being implemented into every aspect of education, including the public school classroom. We hear the talking heads demand acceptance and approval of mental illness as something to embrace and be empowered by. Criminals are coddled as victims and their crimes are justified or excused. Perversion is deemed natural and to be commended.

Are you okay with the public education system and the government monitoring and interfering with your child’s mental “health” all while manipulating your child’s attitudes, values, and beliefs to conform to their (not necessarily your) standards? And never forget about the data-driven reports being made and collected on your child to track and confirm whether or not your child has met THEIR STANDARDS.

Consolidation of power over standards, teaching materials, education curriculum, student testing, teacher evaluations, mental health and so on – power consolidated in the hands of a relatively small group of extremely wealthy, influential, and destructive narcissists (and psychopaths, perverts, social justice profiteers of equality AND inequality, radical ideologues, activists and extremists, anti-Americans, and anti-God) elites who hold key positions in EVERY office and institution throughout the country.

It’s been a long process to transform the United States of America from a country of individual opportunity and freedom, into a highly predictive and controlled nation of incompetent, government dependent slaves who will sacrifice anything and everything for the false promises of equitable outcomes for all and the mere illusion of safety and security. The elitist objective from the get-go was to design a system for change. Change from a government of the people, by the people, for the people into an elitist government over and above the people. From your youngest years until you die, if you refuse to comply and conform, you will be failed, suspended, expelled, taxed, fined, fired, evicted, incarcerated, medicated, stigmatized, marginalized, demoralized, persecuted, terrorized (punished) into submission or you will ultimately be destroyed.

The only question left:
Will you meet the standards that allow you to remain in our transformed society or will you become extinct (eliminated)?

If you refuse to be a part of the team (the collective), you will be legally and/or socially benched for life.

Go along to get along or GTFO. That is the freedom of choice you are allowed under the transformation of America.

Terrorist Teachers-All the rage in Chicago, 1960’s radicals to mainstream power positions.

The gradual and unrelenting installation of a socialist/communist system of “state” control over our lives is supplanting our Constitutional Republic, founded by God revering men on the principles of personal liberty, privacy, and the individual’s pursuit of happiness.

Younger generations are largely unaware and wholly ignorant of the subversion and treachery taking place today in America and have no idea of the draconian, tyrannical, Stalinist-like police state that they are about to inherit.

Non compliance with any facet of globalization, also know as, NWO control is the only way that humanity is going to collectively arrest this decent into Hell.

Both political parties, the “official” servants of the state, are responsible for orchestrating the collectivization of America. In other words, both political parties ARE compromised, soulless, and without redemption.


“a group which desires to be strong has no use for the man who claims to think for himself.”

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John Dewey

Article and documentary on psychotropic drugging, the partnership between drug companies and psychiatry and the $80 billion profit from the peddling of psychotropic drugs.

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Goodbye U.S.A.

I watched about 10 minutes of T.V. today. 5 minutes of FOX news early this afternoon and 5 minutes of FOX news this evening.

This morning the talking heads were advising the masses to accept and embrace mental illness. Remove the stigma, understand we all have mental illness of some sort, and help each other be empowered by it.
(I then wanted to vomit)

Tonight, the talking heads scanned a moving glob of Bernie Sanders supporters. There may have been a few older folks in the crowd, but they were hidden by a mad swarm of college age (not necessarily college bound) people blustering with joy over the prospect of getting something for free. More free stuff. Give us something for nothing. We’re entitled to what you have, just because …. because that’s what they’ve been told.
(This also made me want to vomit)

The transformation of America: Enjoy your insanity. It’s free.

Goodbye U.S.A. Those who remember you, miss you dearly.

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A Global Police Force

Police Force Initiative (Strong Cities Network) Short video, please watch. The video^ is a very clear, very direct summary of what has been designed and implemented in the U.S.A. Please take the few minutes to watch it and if you agree with the urgency to get the information mainstreamed, please share. Additional information: Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces the Launch of the Strong Cities Network at the United Nations General Assembly (full speech) OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SURRENDERS AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT TO UNITED NATIONS VIA DOJ PRESS RELEASE

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