Goodbye U.S.A.

I watched about 10 minutes of T.V. today. 5 minutes of FOX news early this afternoon and 5 minutes of FOX news this evening.

This morning the talking heads were advising the masses to accept and embrace mental illness. Remove the stigma, understand we all have mental illness of some sort, and help each other be empowered by it.
(I then wanted to vomit)

Tonight, the talking heads scanned a moving glob of Bernie Sanders supporters. There may have been a few older folks in the crowd, but they were hidden by a mad swarm of college age (not necessarily college bound) people blustering with joy over the prospect of getting something for free. More free stuff. Give us something for nothing. We’re entitled to what you have, just because …. because that’s what they’ve been told.
(This also made me want to vomit)

The transformation of America: Enjoy your insanity. It’s free.

Goodbye U.S.A. Those who remember you, miss you dearly.

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